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Source: Recode. Source: Privacy International. Indian intelligence officers started importing IMSI catchers in Source: Citizen Lab. Source: Wired. How cops and crooks can 'grab' your cellphone - and you. Source: Motherboard. Source: The Ferret. Source: Vice. Fake mobile phone towers operating in the UK. Source: Sky News.

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Met police using surveillance system to monitor mobile phones. Source: The Guardian. Map — Stingray tracking devices: Who's got them? Source: ACLU. Source: CBS Chicago. Boston police promise to release information on cellphone trackers. NYPD has used Stingrays more than 1, times since Source: Ars Technica. Memphis mayor ushers in new era of transparency by refusing to discuss city's Stingray devices. Source: Daily Beast. Submit it here.

Source: OpenMedia. Source: The Intercept. Source: USA Today. Skip to main content. Stop Stingray Surveillance.

Read the full petition here We are calling on law-makers around the world to implement safeguards protecting innocent individuals from invasive cell phone surveillance from Stingrays also known as IMSI-catchers. Thank you. Contact Me Yes, please contact me. Are Stingrays being used in your country?

Australia Police scoop up data on thousands in mobile phone 'tower dumps' to track down criminals.

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Canada Someone is spying on cell phones in the nation's capital. Source: Citizen Lab and the Telecom Transparency Project Government use of surveillance devices must be restricted: privacy experts. South Africa How cops and crooks can 'grab' your cellphone - and you. United States Map — Stingray tracking devices: Who's got them? The sale of mobile phone spying software In the US and in many other countries, the sale of mobile phone spying software is legal.

For example, a part of the disclaimer of Mobile-Spy reads as follows:.

It may also be an offense in your jurisdiction to monitor the activities of other individuals. You must always notify a person they are being monitored if they are over age Federal or local law governs the use of some types of software; it is responsibility of the user to follow such laws. Basically, all companies say that the buyers of their software are solely responsible for complying with the applicable laws.

In reality, many people will ignore the law and use this software for unlawful purposes. So, while the sale of mobile phone spying software is completely legal, it certainly raises moral concerns. Companies selling such software know that many buyers will use it illegally. It is difficult to believe that someone who wants to know whether or not his spouse is cheating on him will ask her for permission to install mobile phone spying software on her phone.

Nevertheless, many providers of this software advertise their product as a means to catch a cheating spouse. As long as the user complies with the applicable laws, there is nothing illegal in the use of mobile phone spying software. However, the illegal use of such software may have harsh consequences for the person violating the laws.

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US federal law allows recording of phone calls and other electronic communications with the consent of at least one party to the call, and a majority of states and territories have adopted laws based on the federal standard. It should be noted, however, that twelve states require the consent of all parties to the call under most circumstances. Below, I discuss the use of mobile phone spying software for monitoring children, employees, and spouses. With such software, parents have the opportunity to use an additional safety option in case they have problems with their children.

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For example, a testimony published on the website of Mobile-Spy states:. The only way to find her was by tracking the SMS with your software. The police were able to catch her with the messages. We would not have caught her as fast as we did without Mobile Spy. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the laws of California require that all parties of any conversation are informed that they are being recorded or monitored. The parties should be informed either by putting a beep tone on the line or playing a recorded message See California Public Utilities Commission General Order B, www.

By tracking the cell phones of employees, the employer may not only receive information about the working habits of their employees, but also find out if there is leak of confidential information. For example, in a testimonial published on the website StealthGenie, a Mr. Cortes states:. I installed StealthGenie in his phone and then I got to view on the online interface some pictures of very important documents that were confidential and were sent to our competitor and his texts showed that he was being paid a heavy amount to steal the information.

I called him in the office, showed him all the details and fired him immediately. All thanks to StealthGenie due to which I was able to save my business in time otherwise I would have been stripped completely and my competitors would have been way ahead from my company. In the US and many other countries, monitoring of spouses without their permission is illegal. Moreover, the information obtained through illegal monitoring will not serve as evidence in a court of law.

So, while knowledge typically is power, in this case it can be a limited power.

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Symptoms indicating that mobile phone spying software has been installed on a phone. The following four symptoms indicate that spying software has been installed on a mobile phone: 1 unusually high bill, 2 battery drain, 3 shut down problems, and 4 appearance of new icons. These symptoms are examined in detail below. An unusually high bill for mobile phone services may be a result of the numerous connections required by spying software for the transfer of secretly recorded data. New icons may appear because the operation of mobile phone spying software requires data connection.

It is a widely spread myth that, if a phone call is monitored, the participants in the call should hear a noise. In this regard, it should be pointed out that, normally, spying software emits no audible sounds. Such software works in complete stealth mode without leaving any kind of trace behind.

This article has shown that the sale and use of mobile phone spying software can be completely legal. When used properly as monitoring devices, mobile phone spying software can be very beneficial. Employers, parents, police forces, as well as security experts, are potential lawful customers of mobile phone spying software. That is why providers of such software can advertise and market their products lawfully over the Internet. It is up to the user of the software to comply with any applicable laws. I use spybubble and it is a great tool!

Thanks for all the information I am happy to see that I respect the law. Yes, spybubble is good but it lacks features like social media monitoring. I found a new pumpic app, so far so good and I am sure there are far more.

And no, chendusky, spying on your wife is illegal neither in Belgium nor in the rest of the world. Is it legal to install on kids phone? I asked this question cuz I found it record passwords. Check out the hackerlord61 gmail.

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